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Onto Your Website 

No Coding Required

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Add Generative AI Capabilities To Your Website

Fully Customize UI and Prompt Without Coding


Collect Qualified Leads 

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What Can You Create With AppGenius?

Build interactive content such as ...

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Recommendation App

Build Interactive calculators such as financial calculators

Build an app to recommend  products to your customer based on any input


Knowledge App

Teach your customers about your product or useful concepts 


Interactive Surveys

Build interactive surveys with AI Generated Feedback to learn more about customer needs

Bring Your Own Data

Customize Your App Response With Your Own Data

Mix In Your Own Data

  • Existing Product Offering

  • Upcoming Events

  • Company Information

  • Industry Insights

  • Persoanlized Tips

  • So Much More!

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Upgrade Your Site to the Generative AI Era

Embed Generative AI Powered Apps Onto Your Existing Website in Minutes

Customize your apps look and feel to match your existing brand

Our intuitive app builder allows you to easily create new apps in minutes

Embed your app on a number of platforms or any existing HTML site

Collect Qualified Leads

Use AI powered apps to capture qualified leads

Offer engaging AI powered content to potential customers

Collect email, first name, last name, and numbers

Convert your existing website into a lead magnet powered by Generative AI

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Wow Your Customers 

Your customers can interact with AI powered apps right on your existing site!


Suggest products using exciting and interactive AI widgets.


Make fun engaging AI powered apps

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Advise your client using the power of Generative AI


Educate your customers using Generative AI

Data Processing

 Built On  

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Recommend a Cookie

Experience freshly-baked joy with our mood-based cookie recommendations, taking you from craving to crumbly satisfaction with just a few clicks!

Marketing Plan Builder

This marketing plan builder created detailed and personalized plans for prospective clients for a marketing agency

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Real Estate Neighborhood Guide

Discover your dream home in Austin, Texas with our free recommendation app - cut your search time in half with our real estate agency's expert tips!

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Users who sign up today will receive free credits to use and build applications. 

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